Reduces frown lines, worry lines from the forehead, between the eyes; crows feet around the eyes, pucker lines around lips. Takes only a few minutes, lasts 3-6+ months. No recovery time-you can immediately go back to work. A few small injections into the problem areas cause the muscles to relax. Medication is in the treated muscles only & gradually disappears over 3-6 months. With regular treatment, lines become more relaxed and treatment lasts longer.

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This botox-alternative was scientifically engineered without a specific terminal protein thought to be the potential cause of some patients developing a type of tolerance to Botox. Thus, Xeomin is not only likely to be active and take effect in patients who are already tolerant to Botox, but also prevent this phenomenon from occurring. Otherwise, identical to Botox, this new agent adds yet another player in the arsenal against wrinkles.

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